My Bookish Confessions


Every now and then I do something while reading that I just know would be looked down upon by a more sophisticated reader than I. So I decided to write them all down, show everyone and run the risk of being shamed for it. HA! Below you will find a few of my bookish confessions.

I never pay attention to the map in the front of a book. Ever.

I love fantasy! I adore it! It’s easily my favourite genre. It’s also easily the most likely genre to have/need a map printed in the front due to all the world building that takes place. But do I ever look at the map? Well, with the exception of Holly Black’s ‘The Folk of the Air series’ (and only because it’s pretty) no, I never read the map. I don’t even really care much about where places are in relation to one another, I just read it and move on with the story.

I’m a spine cracker.

Ok, so I draw the line at dog earring a page, I hate that! But I will 100% crack that bad boys spine. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I love the feel of a paper back book, folded over itself to be made easier to hold one handed. It’s great! The perfect life hack for leaving the other hand free for coffee and/or snacks. Please don’t kill me!

I skim over words.

If I don’t know a word, I’ll just say “sfbuyerbfjk” in my head as I skim over it. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh, I am the worst. If I can remember, occasionally I’ll look the word up to learn it. But more often than not, I just skim right over it and see if I can make sense of the the sentence as a whole.

I make up names.

I’ve actually spent the entirety of a series calling a character the wrong name. I didn’t learn how it was correctly pronounced until well into the series (I’m looking at you Chaol Westfall from the Throne of Glass series.) So I’ll either pronounce the name wrong for the whole series, or, if the name is particularly weird or misleading with its spelling, I’ll remember what it looks like and just do as above and “sfbuyerbfjk” over it. For those wondering, I called Chaol ‘Coal’ the whole time! For some reason my brain didn’t register the spelling at first and just made up a new name. It’s actually pronounced like ‘Kale’. It blew my mind the day I found out!

I will judge a book by its cover. Ruthlessly.

If it has a persons face on the cover, I struggle to pick it up. This is my most hated cover style. I’ve written a whole blog post about YA books that were given terrible covers to begin with, and most of them are terrible because they have models on the front cover. I really hate being shown how a particular character is meant to look. I’d much rather use my imagination and develop my own sense of the characters appearance. Movie covers are another one I absolutely hate, for the same reasons as above.

I prefer female protagonists.

I’m not saying I won’t read a book with a male protagonist, but I do prefer reading from a female point of view. But I suppose as long as the story is gripping, I’m not too fussed. Still, if I had to choose the same story but from a male or female point of view. I’d always pick female!

So that’s it, to name a few. Do you have any bookish confessions? Let me know in the comments or find me on bookstagram (@readingsumpton) and tell me all your secrets!



4 thoughts on “My Bookish Confessions

  1. I don’t know if it’s a confession or not- but I absolutely avoid books where the names are weird and I can’t pronounce them. Naming is a stupid thing to be hung up on, but I really just hate it when the name is not easily pronounced or there’s no glossary telling me how to pronounce it.


  2. OMG, I LOVE YOU. so many people are obsessed with bookish maps, I didn’t realize it was such a big thing in the bookish community til I got onto bookstagram and personally, I never look at them, haha. I mean, I’ll glance at it for a second as I flick past it to get to the WRITING, but that’s it, lmao. it doesn’t help me visualize the world any better, it does nothing for me *shrug*

    I’m a compulsive skim-reader, I can’t help it, that’s how my brain is wired. but when I’m really enjoying a book, I’ll often re-read passages before moving on, just to really let it sink in and so I can savor the words. like if there’s a super witty comeback and I’m wriggling for joy at a character getting the upper hand, I’ll even briefly memorize it (I never remember quotes, so it’s only in my short-term memory) and mentally recite it so I can get the satisfaction of living vicariously, haha!


    1. I DO THE SAME THING! I will skim a lot and then re-read a particularly great part over again to really get a feel for it! Haha! And I don’t get the obsession with the maps at all! They honestly do not help me. I never even consider where different places are in relation to one another. I just roll with it! HAHA!

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