Review Policy & Rating System

I am currently accepting books for review. If you would like me to review your novel, please read my review policy below before contacting me.

My Review Policy

Please note, I prefer the feel (and lets be honest, smell) of a real book in my hands, as such, I do not accept ebooks or any other digital format unless prior arrangements have been made with the author.

I will accept young adult, new adult & adult books in the following genres

Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Paranormal/Mild Horror

I will also, on occasion, accept children’s books (as a mother I find joy in these books!)

Reviews will be spoiler free unless otherwise stated and will be my personal, honest opinion with no rude or indecent undertones. They will be posted here and on my Goodreads account as well as (on occasion) on my Instagram account (readingsumpton). As such I am more than happy to participate in Instagram book tours.

I will do my very best to read and review your novel promptly. However, as a busy working mother, I cannot guarantee your book will be reviewed within a set time frame. ARC’s with pending release dates will take precedent.

Please be aware that I am located in Western Australia.

My Rating System

5 Stars: This. Book. Blew. My. Mind. I’d read it again and again and would highly recommend it.
4 Stars: The book was great! I enjoyed it and I may read it again.
3 Stars: I could take or leave this book. It had some interesting moments, but nothing too captivating.
2 Stars: Not a very good book, I’ll more than likely forget about its existence once it’s lost in the expanse of my book shelves.
1 Star: A book I wish I didn’t waste my time on. I did not enjoy it at all and would definitely not recommend it.

On occasion I may even use half stars if I feel the round number is not sufficient enough of a score.

If you wish to email me directly you can contact me at